What Is Good Nutrition?

A lot of people think that if you eat enough to keep yourself nourished then you are already promoting good nutrition. This is actually a big misconception. That’s because good nutrition goes beyond just eating enough. You can say that you are getting good nutrition if you get enough nutrients everyday by making sure that you get a balanced diet. A balanced diet on the other hand is about what you consume and how much you consume.Am I Eating Healthy?In order for you achieve a nutritional eating plan, you should make sure that your diet includes essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins that your body needs so that you will look and feel healthy. What we have below is a list of indications that will help you determine if you are eating right or not.· Blood Pressure Level – A lot of things included in your diet can contribute to the rise and fall of your blood pressure. The list includes alcohol, salt and potassium. There is no way for you to detect your blood pressure all by yourself so make sure to have yourself checked so that you will know if you need to adjust your diet or not.· Healthy Cholesterol Level – Blame it on genetics but some people can actually have more fats compared to others. That’s the reason why it is imperative that you have your cholesterol level checked by a physician.· Shiny Hair and Healthy Skin – You will know if you are getting healthy fats from your foods, usually coming from avocados, nuts, and olives, because they will give your hair and your skin a healthier glow. On the other hand, lean proteins that you get from turkey and chicken helps the body in cell repair and growth.· Healthy Weight – If you are a few pounds within the suggested weight for your height, then this is a strong indication that you are eating right. The problem with proper nutrition does not only stop with eating too much, there is also such thing as not eating enough.· Mental Alertness – Your food is what fuels your brain to function properly. So if you deprive yourself by not eating enough or by skipping meals then you will definitely feel mentally foggy and physically tired.· Clear Vision – If you maintain a diet that is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, instead of the usual processed foods, then you will be able to keep your eyes healthy. Through good nutrition, you can reduce the risk of acquiring age-related macular degeneration or AMD which can cause blindness.Keep in mind that no single food can be considered as either bad or good. Your health will be affected by a combination of all the foods that you eat over the weeks or even months. So when it comes to eating the right kind with the right amount, you have to keep this in mind so that you can promote a healthy body with good nutrition.