4 Things You Should Never Do If You Have Adult Acne

Adult acne has been an age-old problem and combating it has led to an eternal struggle between the face and the medicated products used to effect a cure. People are willing to try almost anything for most of the over the counter acne medication provide little help. But before treating your adult acne, it is necessary to know what things you should never do while you having it.Picking, Popping or Squeezing
Popping your adult acne does not make things better. In fact, it often makes things worse. Do not think that squeezing them will help them heal more quickly especially the swollen, red goobers filled with stuff! But scrunching these guys only pushes the inflamed gunk deeper and wider into the skin. That is what most often results in scars and it will cause the adult acne treatments become more difficult.Pre-tanning at a Salon
Pre-tanning at a tanning salon to get ready for the intense sun at the beach is not the great idea that it is been cut out to be. In fact, whether you acquire a tan quickly or slowly, you still damage your skin and make adult acne worse. Just like the sun, artificial tanning equipment beds and sun lamps emit UV rays that can cause burns, premature aging and skin cancers, especially if you are a higher risk, fair-skinned person who produces less melanin.Smoking
You have heard about the risks of smoking. But have you ever noticed that the skin of elderly smokers tends to have a yellowish coloration? Next to sun exposure, smoking is the highest factor in wrinkling, in other words, smoking makes you look older!The nicotine in cigarette smoke also causes small blood vessels and capillaries of the skin to contract. This diminishing circulation deprives the skin of much essential oxygen it needs to create and maintain healthy skin cells. It will be tough to get rid of the adult acne.Taking Too Much Vitamin A
You may have heard that vitamin A helps to cure adult acne. What you may not know is that if you take too much of it, vitamin A can accumulate in your liver to dangerous levels and cause serious health problems. There are safer derivatives of vitamin A to treat your adult acne – topical retinoids and oral Accutane – that your health care provider can prescribe.